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Disclosure Diaries Update #24: A summary of notable Disclosure updates from Jan 22-28, 2024

Jan 29, 2024 | Disclosure Diaries Weekly Updates

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This past week in Disclosure:


Jan 22nd – Pippa Malmgren discusses the UAP topic in a podcast appearance

In an interview you can check out here (English starts around 12:50), Pippa Malmgrengeopolitical analyst, PhD in economics & former personal adviser to George W. Bush – discusses the UAP topic and relates her own journey in coming to take the issue seriously.

Notable quotes include:

“The media keeps saying we only have 3 key witnesses […Grusch/Fravor/Graves] but that’s not actually correct – they had 5 years of private hearings where over 40 senior intelligence & defence officials came in and explained what they knew & understood…so they are loaded with a lot of evidence”


Part of the efforts to intimidate David Grusch and to shut this whole subject down, is to stop those people from becoming publicly known, but the actual impact is these witnesses are coming forward…and more. We’re going to find a whole bunch of people coming forward”


“The bigger question to my mind is – why is there any effort to silence or suppress? And this is what Congress is saying: ‘All we’re asking is – is there anything to see here? And rather than showing us the evidence and data to say look, there’s nothing here, instead we’re getting stonewalled. And that makes us suspicious’.

Jan 23rd – Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick (former head of the Pentagon’s UFO office, AARO) makes an appearance on Peter Bergen’s podcast

Dr. Kirkpatrick makes an appearance on Peter Bergen’s In the Room podcast, where amongst other things, he suggests the ‘metallic orbs‘ seen ‘all over the world‘ may likely be next-gen Chinese drones.

Notably, the drone designs he points to as a reference are generally intended for low altitude indoor flights. There may be classified drones that are capable of the performance AARO has recorded, but we have yet to see any signs of it in the public sphere.

He also characterises Grusch as someone who has ‘fallen to the influence‘ of UFO ‘True Believers‘ within the US military and private defense contractor Bigelow Aerospace.

He confirmed Vol. 1 of AARO’s historical review of UAP-related matters is being prepared for imminent publication, and will provide more context for his statements.

Listen to the full conversation here.

Jan 23rd – Senator Kirsten Gillibrand attends a classified UAP briefing

According to her Congressional calendar, Sen. Gillibrand attended a classified UAP-related briefing. No public statements pertaining to this session have been released as of yet.

Jan 25th – Former Asst. Undersecretary for Defense Christopher K. Mellon calls a few of Dr. Kirkpatrick’s public statements into question

Christopher Mellon took to X, saying:

“I was astonished by one of the central claims made by Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick in his recent article in Scientific American blasting UAP ‘conspiracists.’ Specifically, his claim that: ‘As of the time of my departure, none, let me repeat, none of the conspiracy-minded ‘whistleblowers’ in the public eye had elected to come to AARO to provide their ‘evidence’ and statement for the record despite numerous invitations.’


I’m baffled because, in an effort to assist his investigation, I introduced Dr. Kirkpatrick to the former Director of the AATIP program, Lue Elizondo, as well as Dr. Eric Davis and Dr. Hal Puthoff. Each of these prominent voices associated with the AATIP program spent hours briefing Dr. Kirkpatrick in a classified setting. None have received any feedback. Hopefully, the pending report to Congress on the alleged UAP recovery program will describe the specific claims made by these and dozens of other witnesses and what AARO did to evaluate them.”

Jan 25th – Reps. Luna and Burchett confirm UAP-related field hearings are in the works

Rep. Luna and Burchett confirmed that UAP-related field hearings are in the works, following their briefing with the ICIG earlier in January.

Jan 26th – the DoDIG publishes the unclassified summary of the ‘Evaluation of the DoD’s Actions Regarding UAP’ report

The report provides an unclassified summary of its findings and recommendations. The overall message of the report was that:

DoD OIG also found that the DoD’s lack of a comprehensive, coordinated approach to address UAP may pose a threat to military forces and national security

Notably, AARO was already established during the scope of this evaluation – which calls into question how effective they have been in stimulating an inter-agency approach.

The report also includes a historical review of various Pentagon UAP programs from the past (e.g. AAWSAP), and can be viewed in full here.

Jan 27th – Daniel Sheehan claims 40 additional UAP whistleblowers will go public in 2024

In a podcast appearance, Daniel Sheehan claims that 40 additional whistleblowers will be entering the public arena by the end of the year:

Q: As far as you’re concerned, or as far as you’re aware, how many firsthand whistleblowers are gonna be coming forward or going public in 2024?”


Sheehan*: “Forty.”*


“They’ve already presented their information in sworn form to the Senate Intelligence Committee. They’ve got documented proof behind what they’ve said.”


“There’s a process going on right now between the Senate Intelligence Committee and the House Oversight Committee, as to where and which of the two houses they ought to come forward.”


Things to look out for in the near future:



  • According to Senator Gillibrand – a public hearing in line with AARO’s latest report can be expected soon, saying –”I’ll probably have another hearing aligned with that public report.”

  • Dr. Kirkpatrick had claimed Volume One of AARO’s historical review would be published by the end of the year…so keep your eyes peeled for that. There has been no update on why it has been delayed, or when specifically we can expect to see it published.

  • The DoD IG told Rob Coppinger – “We anticipate issuing an unclassified summary of the ‘Evaluation of the DoD’s Actions Regarding UAP’ report by the end of January.”


  • In a podcast appearance with Jimmy Church, Danny Sheehan claims the Senate is working behind the scenes to put eminent domain (amongst other provisions) back on the table. He suggested we’ll likely know quite a bit more about these efforts by the 9th of February.

Beyond/currently unknown

  • Following the UAP hearing on the 26th of July, Members of Congress have called for a select committee with subpoena authority, to “go about the task of collecting information from the Pentagon and elsewhere” on unidentified flying objects. There have been conflicting messages from various Members of Congress on whether this is likely to happen anytime soon.

  • Reps. Moskowitz, Luna, and Burchett have repeatedly stated their intent to hold field hearings to overcome stonewalling from the Pentagon and military establishment”I think we [Congress] should try to get into one of these places [housing UAP evidence]…and if they won’t let us in I think we should have a field hearing right outside the building…and the military will have to explain why that is.” – Rep. Moskowitz (D)It is currently unknown when exactly we might expect that to occur, however as of Jan 12 – Rep. Luna confirmed:”I feel confident that we have enough evidence to move forward with our first field hearing. @mattgaetz @JaredEMoskowitz @timburchett . We will be announcing details soon.

  • Several journalists have indicated that first-hand witnesses of the alleged UAP legacy programs are in the process of providing testimony/evidence to the relevant authorities (e.g. the IC IG) and/or are on the verge of making public statements in the near future (Example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4)

  • David Grusch has received additional clearances through DOPSR to discuss some of his (alleged) first-hand knowledge of Legacy programs. He has mentioned he may be covering more of this information in an upcoming Op-Ed

  • Some commentators have speculated that the architects of the UAPDA (e.g. Sens. Schumer/Rounds et al) are working diligently behind the scenes to continue furthering serious legislative UAP transparency efforts

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