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Disclosure Diaries Update #23: A summary of notable Disclosure updates from Jan 15-21, 2024

Jan 23, 2024 | Disclosure Diaries Weekly Updates

This post originally appeared on as part of the weekly update series, and has been syndicated here on with full permission. We’re thrilled to bring you the internet’s best weekly updates on UAP Disclosure news, in partnership with Disclosure Diaries.

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This past week in Disclosure:


Jan 16th – Rep. Krishnamoorthi demands answers, but opposes UAP Select Committee

In an exclusive with Askapol following the ICIG briefing on UAP, Rep. Krishnamoorthi had the following to say:

I’ve been to the SCIF three times now about this, and I still haven’t gotten the answers to the questions I want. We’re just dancing around the edges, and we’re not getting into the substance of what’s going on here.”

While he didn’t feel a Select Committee on UAP was necessary, he did go on to state:

“Now I’m interested in a potentially writing a letter or doing some kind of, authoring some communication on a bipartisan basis, saying, ‘This is what we want. Come back to us with these answers, and let’s not spend time on, kind of, procedural stuff

Jan 16th – Danny Sheehan claims the US Senate is currently working on a statute to reinsert original UAPDA provisions into law

In a podcast appearance with Jimmy Church, Danny Sheehan claims the Senate is working behind the scenes to put eminent domain (amongst other provisions) back on the table. He suggested these efforts will be more clear by the 9th of February.

Later on in the podcast, he also claims the Senate intel committees have 12 further UAP whistleblowers

Jan 17th – the DoD issues a ‘complete rewrite’ of its classification policy for top secret space programs, in an attempt to curb overuse of Special Access Programs

As covered on Breaking Defense:

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks has signed off on a new classification policy for space programs that discourages the use of Special Access Program status (SAPs) that dramatically limits clearances to handful of US officials — in hopes of opening still-secret programs to more stakeholders, including US allies and industry partners, according to a senior official.”

Jan 18th – Rep. Eric Burlison participates in a live Q&A with Askapol to answer UAP-related questions

In a live Q&A hosted on Discord by Askapol, Rep. Eric Burlison stated that several of Grusch’s claims were confirmed during the ICIG briefing (primarily related to obfuscation and overcompartmentalisation of data, as well as reprisals related to those who seek to untangle it).

He also stated he would be willing to go to jail if that’s what it took to get the truth out (as and when he becomes privy to it). He made sure to note that Grusch’s claims about NHI and bodies (etc..) could not be confirmed at this time.

Jan 19th – Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, former head of AARO (the Pentagon’s UFO office), publishes a scathing op-ed: “Here’s What I Learned as the U.S. Government’s UFO Hunter”

In an op-ed published on Scientific American, Dr. Kirkpatrick reiterates that:

the Pentagon has found no evidence of aliens, only allegations circulated repeatedly by UFO claim advocates“.

He suggests whistleblowers are either misguided/unsubstantiated, and once again confirms Volume 1 of AARO’s historical review will be published soon:

One of my last acts before retiring was to sign AARO’s Historical Record Report Volume 1, which is currently being prepared for delivery to Congress and the public. The report demonstrates that many of the circulating allegations described above derive from inadvertent or unauthorized disclosures of legitimate U.S. programs or related R&D that have nothing to do with extraterrestrial issues or technology. Some are misrepresentations, and some derive from pure, unsupported beliefs.”

Notably, he doesn’t call out Grusch by name, nor does he make mention of the recent bipartisan transparency efforts (e.g. the UAPDA). The article does not reflect on some of AARO’s (and Dr. K’s own) UAP-related admissions about (for example) observing “metallic orbs” in many locations “all over the world”.


Things to look out for in the near future:



  • According to Senator Gillibrand – a public hearing in line with AARO’s latest report can be expected soon, saying –”I’ll probably have another hearing aligned with that public report.”

  • Dr. Kirkpatrick had claimed Volume One of AARO’s historical review would be published by the end of the year…so keep your eyes peeled for that. There has been no update on why it has been delayed, or when specifically we can expect to see it published.

  • The DoD IG told Rob Coppinger – “We anticipate issuing an unclassified summary of the ‘Evaluation of the DoD’s Actions Regarding UAP’ report by the end of January.”


  • In a podcast appearance with Jimmy Church, Danny Sheehan claims the Senate is working behind the scenes to put eminent domain (amongst other provisions) back on the table. He suggested we’ll likely know quite a bit more about these efforts by the 9th of February.

Beyond/currently unknown

  • Following the UAP hearing on the 26th of July, Members of Congress have called for a select committee with subpoena authority, to “go about the task of collecting information from the Pentagon and elsewhere” on unidentified flying objects. There have been conflicting messages from various Members of Congress on whether this is likely to happen anytime soon.

  • Reps. Moskowitz, Luna, and Burchett have repeatedly stated their intent to hold field hearings to overcome stonewalling from the Pentagon and military establishment”I think we [Congress] should try to get into one of these places [housing UAP evidence]…and if they won’t let us in I think we should have a field hearing right outside the building…and the military will have to explain why that is.” – Rep. Moskowitz (D)It is currently unknown when exactly we might expect that to occur, however as of Jan 12 – Rep. Luna confirmed:”I feel confident that we have enough evidence to move forward with our first field hearing. @mattgaetz @JaredEMoskowitz @timburchett . We will be announcing details soon.

  • Several journalists have indicated that first-hand witnesses of the alleged UAP legacy programs are in the process of providing testimony/evidence to the relevant authorities (e.g. the IC IG) and/or are on the verge of making public statements in the near future (Example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4)

  • David Grusch has received additional clearances through DOPSR to discuss some of his (alleged) first-hand knowledge of Legacy programs. He has mentioned he may be covering more of this information in an upcoming Op-Ed

  • Some commentators have speculated that the architects of the UAPDA (e.g. Sens. Schumer/Rounds et al) are working diligently behind the scenes to continue furthering serious legislative UAP transparency efforts

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