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Declassify UAP 2023 Annual Financial Report

Feb 2, 2024 | Annual Financial Report

This is the 2023 Annual Financial Report for Declassify UAP LLC. The report will summarize the organization’s expenses for calendar year 2023, revenue from donations and merchandise sales during that period, as well as current assets and cash on hand.

Please note that the organization began to accrue expenses in June 2023 when the effort was launched. Some of these expenses cover a full 12-month period (or longer), however if they were invoiced in full during calendar year 2023, they will be reported in their entirety here. Some services, such as the VoterVoice platform which powers the Declassify UAP Action Center, were invoiced for a portion of a full year. Only what was invoiced in 2023 will be reflected here.

I took no funds or other compensation whatsoever out of Declassify UAP LLC in 2023 to pay myself. The organization’s finances are completely separate from my personal finances, and the organization has its own checking account and credit card.


• Website design and administration contractor fees, and launch video production contractor fees: $18,547.63

• Website hosting, domain registration, VoterVoice platform, and other internet/website service fees: $3947.38

• Administrative fees, legal fees, and insurance: $6194.25

• Test & promotional merchandise: $545.60

Total 2023 Expenses: $29,234.86

Total 2023 (Q3 and Q4) Net Revenue (donations & merchandise sales): $3172.59

Total 2023 Out-of-Pocket Costs: $26,062.27

Current Cash on Hand: $2003.80

Non-cash Assets

The organization’s current assets, outside of cash on hand, consist of what can be seen publicly. This includes the website and its elements, including the contracted VoterVoice Action Center capabilities. It also includes the organization’s launch video. Declassify UAP LLC also owns a number of registered domain names, all of which are variants of They currently direct to I have a few hundred Declassify UAP stickers in stock, and no current stock of any other promotional items. Most promotional goods are created using the Printify print-on-demand service as-needed.

Looking Ahead to 2024

When budgeting for calendar year 2024, I estimate that the organization’s hard costs to keep the website running (along with the VoterVoice-powered Action Center), along with other basic operating expenses, will come to around $10,000. This assumes no new commercial video production projects, and no significant web development projects beyond basic maintenance and upkeep. This includes no budget for advertising, or any other significant promotional costs.

In the coming weeks, I will be updating the Goals page on to reflect this modest “upkeep” budget of $10K/year, versus the higher number I originally chose that included advertising & promotion, as well as being able to pay myself for involvement in the organization. These are no longer shorter term goals, unless a significant “whale” donor comes forward who shares this more aggressive vision for the organization.