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Signups & Outreaches

Declassify UAP exists to provide two basic mechanisms for enacting change regarding government UAP secrecy and over-classification:

    1. Help to build a grassroots movement of US citizens who are more actively engaged with their elected Federal representatives around the issue of government UAP declassification;
    2. Engage in direct lobbying around this cause in Washington, D.C., representing Americans who have voiced their support for this campaign and other aligned efforts.

In order to be successful with goal number 2, goal number 1 must be achieved in spades. The direct lobbying activities of Declassify UAP will not amount to much, if they don’t represent the combined voices of many voters aligning around the same basic message.

Every person who gets signed up for Declassify UAP’s email list inherently will have sent a message to their representatives using the Action Center. Because of this, every email list signup represents an outreach.

There is a chance that some people who use the Declassify UAP Action Center to reach out to their representatives will opt to not receive email from the organization. Our voter engagement platform tracks both email signups and outreaches, and we will be able to track outreaches that don’t result in an email list signup.

The organization’s initial, somewhat audacious goal is to reach 100,000 email list signups and at least that number of outreaches sent to elected Federal representatives by the end of calendar year 2023.

This is a very challenging goal, but if people put a little energy into helping promote the campaign via social media, and through word-of-mouth with their friend, family, and colleague circles, it is certainly achievable.

Meeting this goal will mean that Federal representatives are receiving significantly more contacts from their constituents regarding UAP declassification than is currently the case. It’s a number that demands attention, response, and accountability. If Declassify UAP is talking to a Congressional staff member, being able to say the organization represents 100,000 American voters will be worthy of attention.

Because The President of the United States is also a recipient of Declassify UAP campaign outreach messages, they also serve to notify the Executive Branch that US voters vociferously support UAP declassification. The Executive Branch is largely holding up such efforts at this time.

This is only the beginning. By the end of calendar year 2024, the organization’s goal is to reach between 250,000 to 500,000 total signups and associated outreaches. Meeting this goal will provide significant political capital to elected officials who are pushing for UAP declassification.

This will provide ample public support for further and more rigorous UAP declassification language to be included in future annual National Defense Authorization Acts and Intelligence Authorization Acts, including bills such as the UAP Disclosure Act of 2023, which has been introduced for inclusion in the FY24 NDAA.

This support will provide our representatives with the power they’ll need to successfully take this issue on, and push back against the inevitable resistance they will face. It will also let current and future US Presidents (including candidates) know that they must support tangible UAP declassification efforts if they want to be seen as viable on this issue by voters.

It is in our power to make UAP declassification an issue candidates for Federal positions in the 2024 election cycle must speak to and support.

Beyond the above goals, every additional outreach and signup will help the cause. VoterVoice, the grassroots organizing and voter engagement platform used by Declassify UAP, is utilized by roughly 1800 different organizations in the US to support both Federal and State-level campaigns. Their largest account has about 1.75 million signups. Let’s set a stretch goal to exceed that number, so Declassify UAP can say: This is one of the loudest campaigns aimed at elected officials, across all issues, at this time. And we will continue to be so, until the work is done.

Total signups and outreaches will be reported regularly in Declassify UAP News updates, and shown on the website.

Fundraising & Budget

Total out-of-pocket launch costs for getting Declassify UAP off the ground will total approximately $35K, which I have self-funded (these costs will be outlined in the organization’s first Annual Financial Report, which will be published at the beginning of 2024). Additionally, this project has been my full time work since the start of 2023.

The smallest possible budget that covers both hard startup costs and provides me the minimum compensation required to pay my basic bills for calendar year 2023 is $100,000, so this is the minimum fundraising goal that the organization is setting for the year.

This goal will be realized through:

    • Monetary Donations of all amounts;
    • Net proceeds from merchandise sales;
    • Any and all other types of potential revenue associated with Declassify UAP Founder Nick Gold’s advocacy for government UAP transparency, including possibilities like speaker and appearance fees, all of which will go through Declassify UAP LLC.

Please see the Declassify UAP Pledge for more information on the organization’s own transparency practices relating to its finances, including regular publicly-available revenue and cost center reporting.

For calendar year 2024 and beyond, the goal is for the organization to be well-resourced enough for it to be able to keep running and paying its bills, maintain the basic cost of living of its Founder, and to be able to pump as much as possible into additional promotional efforts to drive campaign awareness that results in more voter outreaches through the Action Center, and associated email list signups.

Some startup costs will not need to be replicated in 2024, however the minimum annual fundraising goal for the organization will be raised to $150,000 to allow for additional promotion of the organization and the movement for government UAP transparency. Revenue above and beyond this amount will allow for expanded promotional activities.

Campaign promotion possibilities, budget-depending, might include:

    • Internet banner and video advertising campaigns;
    • Paid television spots placed during prominent programming such as major evening news broadcasts;
    • Full-page ads in newspapers such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal;
    • Billboard advertising;
    • Radio spots & public radio underwriting;
    • Declassify UAP merchandise and swag giveaways;
    • Events, including rallies, meet-ups, galas, etc.

Really, everything is on the table. If you can think of a mechanism all the other causes in our lives use to promote themselves, this is a promotional vehicle that will be available to this organization – it’s all budget-dependent.

If Declassify UAP is able to generate several times the revenue of our bare-minimum annual organizational budget (or more), government UAP declassification will be a cause that makes itself widely known across America.