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Quarterly Fundraising Report for Q1 2024

May 23, 2024 | Quarterly Fundraising Reports

Folks, I apologize for being a little behind the curve publishing the Q1 2024 Declassify UAP Fundraising Report. Truth be told, there wasn’t much to report.

• $59.77 in total net revenue (before income taxes) for Q1 after Stripe fees ($65 gross).

• All small-dollar donations (top one was 20, all others are 5, a few are monthly).

Zero merch sales in Q1. Whomp whomp.

The org costs, on a shoestring, about $7500 a year to keep going (as of right now). The VoterVoice contract itself is more than half of that, per year. Hosting, other digital service platforms, a few administrative fee line items, are the only other real costs. This with zero pay to me.

I started Declassify UAP because I thought there should be an organization in the world that had a URL like that allows US voters to fill out the typical little form and send out the typical little message to their elected officials in less than 30 seconds, telling them to support meaningful US government UAP declassification.

A website waiting for folks that looked professional, presented a good, grounded, fact-based case, made it easier for citizens to research the legislative side of the topic – and didn’t force a specific viewpoint about UFOs or anything else down anybody’s throat. All while encouraging strong open-mindedness, of course.

Helped people to understand the utility of articulating specific asks, in terms of things like the Declassification Targets.

Had a slick, shareable video that made a reasonable case and drove a call to action: please engage with your reps on this, we made it SUPER EASY to do this in a reasonably informed fashion, quickly.

Oh, and presented the org and person behind it in as transparent a fashion possible, including full transparency of the org’s finances.

It cost quite a bit of money out of my pocket to make this happen in the way I felt was appropriate to my vision, and I’ve received quite a lot of very positive feedback since launching last year, which makes me very happy I did it.

Luckily, everything came together right in time to help support a significant and HEARD call campaign to Congress in support of the bipartisan Schumer-Rounds UAP Disclosure Act (UAPDA), which was announced during the site buildout. Talk about good timing!

It would sure make it easier to keep this going, so it can still be that thing that’s out there doing this stuff in this way, if the base costs were being met through donations and merch sales. Again, not counting on any pay for me – that’s no longer an immediate goal, frankly.

If you can donate, or buy a T-shirt or hoodie or mug or hat, it will make a material difference to whether I can keep this going for another year – a decision I’ll have to make contract-wise in the next 1-2 months.


Merchandise (very good conversation starters):

Thanks all! Let’s keep this going and bring it home!  Much thanks to @uapcaucus and @Disclosure_D and so many others who are doing amazing work pushing for government UAP transparency and declassification. This is a massive team effort.