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Quarterly Fundraising Report for 4Q 2023

Jan 9, 2024 | Quarterly Fundraising Reports

This is the quarterly fundraising report for the fourth calendar quarter of 2023 (October 1st through December 31st), which is the first full quarter Declassify UAP has been operating. I’m extremely thankful to all donors, including two folks who made particularly generous gifts. Thanks also to everyone who purchased merchandise from the site’s shop; this directly supports the ongoing operations of the organization.

Total 4Q 2023 Donations: $2,685

  • 13 donations total
  • 11 x $100 or less
  • 1 x $101-$500
  • 1 x $501 or greater
  • Does not include credit card processing fees

Total 4Q 2023 Merchandise Sales: $192.54

  • 5 orders total
  • Merchandise costs: $119.85
  • Merchandise gross profit: $72.69
  • Does not include credit card processing fees

Total 4Q 2023 Donations & Merchandise Gross Profit: $2,877.54

  • Does not include credit card processing fees

Total 4Q 2023 Donations & Merchandise Gross Profit after credit card processing fees: $2,668.81

While I was surprised to see such soft merchandise sales in Q4 (especially as it’s the holiday quarter), overall I am thrilled to report that Q4’s overall revenue is enough to cover the current ongoing quarterly hard costs associated with running the organization. Bearing in mind, this is with zero dollars taken out of the organization to support my cost of living expenses. This is not a sustainable situation for me, and I’m currently exploring outside opportunities to provide me with income.

Moving forward, it would be fantastic to hit this revenue level quarterly, as it will allow me to keep the organization and website going indefinitely (although obviously not as a full-time job). The Annual Financial Report for 2023, which will be released in the coming days, will break down all of the organization’s costs.

In the future, I’d love to see monthly donation subscriptions increase (even at a $5/month level). Recurring revenue is predictable revenue, and this makes financial planning for the organization much easier.

Likewise, I’d really like to see more in the way of merchandise sales to support the organization’s costs. Roughly 40-50% of the sale price of the items in the shop is net revenue, so purchasing items is a great way to support Declassify UAP, and simultaneously spread the message and increase awareness around the issue of government UAP transparency and declassification.

Thanks again to everybody who made financial contributions in Q4 (and across all of 2023) in the form of donations and merchandise purchases – it is so very appreciated. I’m also very thankful for all of the kind words of support I’ve received so far, coming from many people who agree that the US voting public has an important role to play in the UAP/UFO disclosure process.