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Declassify UAP Campaign Update #1: A make or break moment for the UAP Disclosure Act!

Oct 4, 2023 | Email Newsletters

Originally sent 9/27/2023

Here we are, a little shy of one month after the launch of Declassify UAP, which was kicked off by a Tweet from journalist Ross Coulthart. What a whirlwind it’s been, both in the lead-up to launch, and in the weeks since!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who’s been part of the campaign so far, and to the many people who have supported myself and the organization in various ways up through this point.

But before we get to updates on what’s been going on and what’s in store, I want to focus on where we’re at right now.

On July 14th, the UAP Disclosure Act of 2023 (UAPDA) was introduced by a bipartisan group of Senators for inclusion in the Senate’s version of the National Defense Authorization Act for Federal fiscal year 2024 (FY24 NDAA).

The version of the NDAA passed by the Senate, S.2226, included this far-reaching legislation, which serves as a standardized framework for national UAP declassification and disclosure. It’s difficult to over-emphasize the importance of this bill, and I strongly encourage folks to read it for themselves.

It includes many references to legally-defined concepts such as “non-human intelligence” (NHI) and “technologies of unknown origin.” It lays a framework for US leaders to engage with their international counterparts, in order to stimulate a global disclosure campaign about the true nature of UAP, as it’s known to the US and other governments. It makes for a pretty jaw-dropping read, as Federal legislation tends to go!

A summary of the bill as well as links to the full text can be found in the Legislation section of the Declassify UAP website (scroll to the Pending section at the bottom of the page).

But here’s the problem, and why everyone reading this needs to act now!

The House’s version of the FY24 NDAA that was passed, H.R.2670, does not include the UAP Disclosure Act. While it did contain some useful language pertaining to UAP, it doesn’t even come close to the breadth and depth of the UAPDA.

What is happening now and over the coming weeks is a somewhat messy process called “reconciliation” – this is when a number of members of Congress work together to negotiate a final, normalized version of the FY24 NDAA that both chambers (House and Senate) will have to vote on and pass, before it’s handed to President Biden for signature into law.

The issue is, while the UAPDA had what seems to be broad support in the Senate (it was introduced by the Senate Majority Leader, after all, along with a bipartisan group of powerful, well-known Senators), it’s not at all clear the UAPDA is so broadly supported by members of the House of Representatives.

There is a good chance that during this reconciliation process, the UAPDA will simply be negotiated out of the final bill, in order to arrive at something both chambers of Congress will be able to pass.

By all appearances, it looks like the UAPDA was informed by a large amount of classified information that Senators (and other members of Congress in the House) are at this point privy to. It did not appear in a vacuum. And it’s been handed to us, the public, on a platter.

If you’re reading this message, please do the following before the end of next week:

Call your House rep’s DC office and tell them:

“I strongly support government UAP transparency and declassification. I’d like a clear yes or no response, in writing (provide your full name and contact info), as to whether Representative XYZ supports the full inclusion of the UAP Disclosure Act in the FY24 National Defense Authorization Act. I absolutely want to see this legislation included in the final bill, intact, and I expect my elected officials to support it, and to encourage their colleagues to support it. I will be paying attention, and I will call back regularly until I receive a clear response from the representative regarding this specific piece of legislation.”

Then call your two Senators’ DC offices, as well as the White House, and tell all of them that you expect them to use their influence to push for the UAPDA’s inclusion in the final FY24 NDAA.

Please do this before the end of next week! Right now is the time for the public to be very loud in supporting this legislation. It is not a panacea. But if we lose this, it will hurt the momentum around UAP declassification by the US government, and we cannot allow that to happen.

This is not “the war,” but it’s an incredibly important battle. Our elected officials need to see that the public is aware of this bill, and supports it strongly. We need to tell them we are ready for UAP disclosure, we demand UAP disclosure, and we will not back down until we learn much more about what the US government knows about the nature and origin of UAP. We know for a fact that there is much we have not been told!

Please do this, and then repeat the calls every couple of weeks if possible, until the final NDAA is passed later this year.

You can use the call tool at the Declassify UAP Action Center, here’s how:

  1. Click the Call button at the top of the form, and fill out the required fields;
  2. Click the Send Message button at the bottom of the form;
  3. You will then see blue telephone icons next to each of your representatives – click them to be presented with the call interface for each office;
  4. Fill out what fields you can and submit, so Declassify UAP can track calls being made to elected officials (this helps tremendously with direct lobbying and movement-building activities the organization is engaged in).

It’s time to stop waiting for disclosure, and instead, be part of making it happen! This is a key piece of how we do that.

Declassify UAP Launch Video

Did you have a chance to watch the Declassify UAP launch video? It’s been viewed over 10,600 times since being posted to YouTube, and has received 97.5% upvotes (vs downvotes). Please share it widely with friends, family, and colleagues, including in direct messages as well as social media posts. I hope it serves as a useful conversation-starter.

A lot of attention was put into making it as broadly palatable as possible. It doesn’t focus on fear, or anger, and instead makes the point that Americans (and the global public at large) deserve the truth about UAP, and can handle the truth about UAP – wherever that may lead.

I strongly believe that knowledge is better for us than ignorance, certainly when it comes to the UAP issue. As Frank Herbert brilliantly wrote in his classic Dune, “Fear is the mind-killer.”

Thank you to my friends at GtP who took my script, and turned it into a brilliant video spot and powerful call-to-action. It turned out more spectacularly than I could have imagined!

Please help me put the video to use to inform and drive engagement around the issue of UAP declassification, by sharing it with others.

Twitter (X) Spaces Discussing the Grassroots UAP Transparency Movement

On September 15th, Twitter’s @findjamski and I hosted a terrific discussion with a large number of participants and listeners who are interested in working together toward government UAP transparency.

Jamski is the creator of the wonderful UAP Disclosure Campaign website, a resource that allows citizens of the UK to message their MPs in support of UAP declassification.

Between people who were able to join live and those who’ve listened to the recording, the conversation was tuned into by 520 people!

We’re going to be hosting another Twitter/X Space to continue the conversation this Friday (Sept. 29) at 1pm US Eastern time.

Please join if you’re able to – we have a number of items on the agenda, including listening to people’s experiences calling their elected officials to voice support for UAP transparency broadly, and the UAP Disclosure Act specifically.

Reddit r/UFOs AMA this Saturday

On Saturday Sept. 30 at 12pm US Eastern I’ll be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the largest UAP community of interest on the internet that I’m aware of, Reddit’s r/UFOs subreddit.

I’ll be joined by Mike Rezl, who serves as Declassify UAP’s web designer and admin. We have him to thank for the gorgeous website (which I’ve received a ton of positive feedback on).

Mike is better known as u/LetsTalkUFOs on Reddit, where he serves as a moderator of the r/UFOs subreddit. He’s built websites for other UAP-oriented researchers, including the great Jacques Vallée, author of many titles including the classic Passport to Magonia.

We’re really looking forward to talking with folks and answering people’s questions about Declassify UAP, our interest in the topic (which is long-term for both of us), and pretty much anything else that comes up. Please stop by to ask questions and follow the discussion!

Witness Citizen UAP Transparency Podcast Appearance

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Sean Raasch’s Witness Citizen podcast last week, when he held a 4-hour live stream that included a number of very bright and energetic folks who are part of the UAP transparency movement, including Jeremy Corbell.

I was thrilled to be able to speak with Sean and the Disclosure Ladies about this budding grassroots movement, and I think you’ll really enjoy the broadcast. Ours was the first segment (I joined about 15 minutes in, but recommend watching from the beginning).

Please support Sean’s work, which includes subscribing to his channel and liking his videos. He’s an important part of the movement, and has been a critical part of helping to network a number of us who are involved. A federation of like-minded organizations and individuals will make a much stronger impact than any of us acting alone.

Sean’s promised to have me back for a one-on-one soon, probably in the next few weeks, so stay tuned, and again, subscribe to Witness Citizen on YouTube!

More Great Resources

Since launching Declassify UAP, I’ve had the opportunity to begin networking with and getting to know a number of amazing individuals and organizations working toward this cause.

I’ve mentioned a few already, and want to take a moment to add a couple more to the list that people should be aware of (these and others will be added to the External Resources section of the site soon).

One of these is UAP Caucus (not the same as the House caucus of the same name), a great website and organization created by Lester Nare. The site offers grounded informational resources on the UAP topic that are not to be missed, in addition to calling tools for elected officials in Congress. Please check it out, bookmark it, and support Lester’s work.

The other is Disclosure Diaries. This site offers very clear, digestible information about the UAP topic, and specifically everything that’s been happening over the past several years in the realm of officialdom. It will keep you up-to-date on what’s going on, and is a terrific resource to send to people you know – both those who are already interested in UAP, as well as those who are new to the topic.

I’ll regularly be calling out additional folks and organizations who are working toward an end to needless government UAP secrecy in the future.

And now, out comes the hat: Declassify UAP needs your support

At the very start of 2023 I decided to put my professional career in media technology on hold, because I felt there was something else I needed to be doing. That thing turned out to be Declassify UAP, which has now connected (as of this moment) 2,225 US voters to their own elected officials, so they can powerfully demand, as constituents, an end to the ridiculous and incredibly damaging UAP coverup (and yes, it’s been a brazen coverup for at least 75 years).

Between not getting paid all this year, and then sinking over thirty-thousand dollars of my own savings into the org, website, VoterVoice platform, launch video, etc., this was not a small investment on my own part.

And right now, the organization is not at all sustainable. This will need to change, if it’s to be a lasting player in the UAP transparency movement, until the work is done. And trust me – I really want to be able to continue doing this work!

The organization has fairly modest financial needs, which are described in the site’s Goals section. But I can’t do this month after month without being able to pay for my basic cost of living expenses, as well as the base costs of running the organization and website.

Only a few hundred bucks in net revenue have come in so far, and frankly, that’s far into the red. I’m going to be transparent when it comes to the organization’s finances, which is discussed in the Pledge section of the site.

Please consider picking up some Declassify UAP merchandise, which supports this effort tremendously. Roughly 50% of items’ purchase price is the net revenue that goes directly to the organization’s bottom line. We have T-shirts, mugs, a trucker hat that I personally think is dope, as well as a winter hat and Champion hoodie sweatshirts, perfect now that the weather is starting to turn.

Also, please consider making a donation, even if it’s small. Other than the several-percent credit card fee, these donations entirely go toward Declassify UAP’s costs (including my basic expenses/bills – and please know that I don’t have a particularly high cost of living). Recurring donations (again, even small ones) are particularly useful, because they help me to make plans around a somewhat predictable ongoing revenue stream.

I don’t want to make this ask often, but if you see me doing it, know that it’s because it’s really needed in order for this to go on. And if you’re still reading this, I think you probably want to see it continue!

I’ve received very positive feedback from a lot of the UAP realm’s “top VIPs” and I can assure you, the Declassify UAP campaign is getting notice, and is well-received! So far, over twelve thousand individual messages and calls have gone out through the site’s Action Center. This absolutely gets attention on Capitol Hill, trust me.

But we are only in the early innings of the game, and it’s going to take a lot more sustained pressure. Every bit of what folks contribute through merch purchases and donations directly supports this org, which is a registered Federal lobbyist that is working on behalf of the American people, and more broadly, the people of this planet.

I live just outside of Washington, D.C. and plan to begin direct lobbying efforts shortly, now that Declassify UAP is a known presence. I have all of you to thank for that! If you’re able to contribute financially to support the mission, please know how much it’s appreciated.

Well, this was quite an update, but it’s been quite a few weeks, and frankly, quite a year!

I’m very active on Twitter and Reddit, so you can always keep track of what I’m up to and engage with me directly via social media.

Thanks again, everyone!


Until next time,

Nick Gold

Founder, Declassify UAP